Playing chess online has become very popular.

It is very competitive. So you have to be very strong to win chess games.

In this article I will talk about a few things that you can do to start winning more chess games and tournaments online.

1. Develop all your pieces

This is the most important thing to focus on if you are serious about winning more online chess games.

Do not waste time taking pawns or starting a premature attack. Rapidly develop all your pieces and make sure you castle early!

You will see an increase in the chess games you win by doing just this.

2. Pay serious attention to your opponent’s last move

As soon as your opponent makes their move, ask yourself WHY?

Try to see whether the move is attacking a piece of yours or threatening checkmate. If the move is not making an immediate threat, see if it created a weakness or left something undefended in the opponent’s position.

Punish every bad move your opponent plays!

Many chess players focus on their own moves, but if you train yourself to ALWAYS focus on the opponent’s moves, you will win many chess games.

3. Manage your chess clock

The clock is an extra PIECE!

Don’t waste time by trying to play perfect chess moves, there are no perfect moves. As a human being you cannot calculate everything accurately as a chess engine, so don’t waste time thinking for too long.

You must focus on forcing chess moves, they make your opponent respond. Forcing moves includes checks, captures and threats.

You don’t have to play perfect chess to win, just play better moves than your opponent. But remember to pay attention to your clock management.

Don’t play too quickly also, that will be a sure way to lose. You will win more chess games if you learn to do this.

4. Play with a plan

The strong chess players beat weaker players easily because the weaker player never has a plan. The weaker player is always in two minds and never knows where the game is going.

You cannot be coming up with a plan every move you play in an online chess game. There are short term and long term plans in chess.

In the opening, the short term plan is to develop all your pieces and castle your king early! A long term plan is to create a backward pawn in the opponent’s position and bring all your pieces to attack it.

You will win most of your games if you start playing every chess game with a plan.

5. Don’t blunder pieces

Many chess games at club level are lost because of mistakes and clear blunders.

Always make sure before you make a move to double check if you are not making a blunder.

Train yourself in this, NEVER move without doing a blunder check. Always make sure all of your pieces are protected at all times!

Hanging pieces have a funny way of dropping. Save yourself the pain by NEVER leaving your pieces unprotected.

If you work seriously on this you will win more chess games and your rating will increase!


These are my suggestions to winning more online chess games and many chess masters recommend them as well.

If you take them to heart and make a decision to work hard on thinking this way, you will not regret it. Your chess rating depends on this, start taking action today.

As always keep chessing!