Attacking the King

Many of the world’s best players travelled to Vienna in 1907, for a tournament full of daring attacks on the king.

How can black exploit white’s central king?

Vienna 1907: Mieses’ Greatest Triumph

At the beginning of the 20th century, Vienna was one of the world’s major chess cities, and the Vienna Chess Club one of the world’s most important clubs. When Leopold Trebitsch, a businessman and vice-president of the Vienna Chess Club, died in 1906, the Vienna chess community decided to hold a tournament in his honour.

The Trebitsch Memorial therefore took place in Vienna in 1907, and attracted a strong field. Famous names such as Mieses, Duras, Tartakower, Vidmar, Maroczy and Schlechter took part, ensuring that the tournament had a world-class field.

Mieses had an excellent event, recording nine wins, two draws, and just two losses. The excellent score of 10/13 assured him clear 1st place, as well as the 1000 crown first prize.

Below, you can find three puzzles from Vienna 1907, on the theme of hunting the king.

Schlechter – Maroczy

Schlechter gave notice of his good form early in the tournament by demonstrating the dynamic power of the active bishop pair.

Perlis – Vidmar

In the ninth round, Vidmar demonstrated the importance of bringing the last piece into the attack.

Albin – Schlechter

Schlechter produced an instructive lesson on the dangers of a central king in his 12th round victory over Albin.

How many puzzles could you solve?

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