Intermediate Online Group Coaching

Recommended for players with a CHESSA rating 1000 – 1400

But anyone interested, is welcome to join. 

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Do you want to learn everything you need to know about chess middle games: tactics and strategy?


Do you get an advantage at the start of the game and end up losing the game?


Do you get confused on what you should do during your chess games?


Are you not sure why you keep losing your chess games?

I want to help you solve these problems by teaching you chess middle game: tactics and strategy! 


Learn the 4 step method to playing good chess middle games.


Learn how tactics and strategy work together in chess middle games.


Learn the basic plans and ideas to follow in chess middle games.


Learn how to find the best plan in chess middle games.

My online classes are the perfect place to improve your chess!

Very very interactive lessons!

Immediate application of what you have learnt.

Fun and engaging - make new chess friends.

Recorded lessons & training material to help you grow.

Get individual attention - Max 10 students.

September Online classes

Chess Middle Game: Tactics and Strategy

Wednesdays 17:00 – 18:00 online via Zoom. 

September 1

  4 steps you can follow to play good chess middle games.

September 8

Tactics and strategy you need to know in chess middle games.

SEpTember 15

How to find the best plan in chess middle games.

SEPTEMber 22

See how chess masters play chess middle games. And how you can play like them. 

Are you excited to learn everything you need to know to play good chess middle games?


Here’s what chess parents have to say…


“Many thanks to Dione, a wonderful, down to earth coach with a wealth of experience.

Samuel had a great time during his online group lessons, lots of fun was had, mixed with plenty of serious Chess and so much was learnt to take forward into his future Chess.” Steven Driscoll


“My son really enjoyed coaching with Coach Dione. He customizes his style even for the little ones to keep them interested and engaged.

I feel his approach to the game is excellent for upcoming players. The training and work material provided really improved my son’s gamePremod Eapen