(Without parents having to FORCE them, DRIVE them around, or help them with HOMEWORK…)

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We bring together chess players, parents, teachers, and coaches to be part of a community that enables personal growth, mental development, and social engagement based around the wonderful game of chess.

Experienced and passionate coaches.

5-star ratings on Google.

Happy students, parents, teachers, and schools.



Chess has been shown to improve the following in children:

  • Concentration
  • Pattern recognition
  • Decision making
  • Math ability
  • Problem-solving
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Critical thinking
  • Self-confidence
  • Attention span
  • Time management
  • Memory capacity
  • Creativity


It does this through a fun, interactive, and enjoyable game.




This level covers the rules of chess, and important chess strategy every chess beginner must know.


This level covers powerful chess tactics and builds the skills necessary to successfully win chess games.


This level covers advanced tactics, end-games, planning and strategic thinking, leading to confidence in creating a plan from any chess position.


GM Marian Petrov

Shane Willenberg

James Allison

Michael Cuthbert

Tatenda Mushininga

Ignatius Chama

Nico Martin

Sachin Hastie

Tane Ressel

Lebohang Mphela

Alisha Chetty

Francois vd Westhuizen


“I enjoy doing puzzles with my coach especially the blindfold puzzles where you learn how to see the board in your head.”

“Coach teaches us step by step how to improve our chess.

I like it when coach makes funny jokes when we learn.”

“Elite Chess has passionate and very knowledgeable chess coaches. Their interactive lessons with the kids are practical and fun.”

“Coach Dione has improved the quality of our school teams and has been very instrumental in creating a better awareness of the sports code at our school.”


Chess School


Our online chess school ensures students progress effectively, make friends, and have fun playing and learning chess together.

  • Group Classes & Collaborative Learning
  • Individual Game Analysis & Homework
  • Puzzles, Courses, Videos & Tournaments
  • Q/A With Expert Coaches
  • Monthly GM Masterclasses & Simultaneous Games.

Chess Club

Online | At School

A light and fun extra-curricular activity for students to learn and enjoy chess together with their school friends.

  • Weekly Group Coaching
  • Shared Learning
  • Over-The-Board Games
  • Chess Puzzles
  • Fun Challenges

Chess Coaching

Online | In Person

Individual coaching is essential for students who want to take their chess to the next level or compete.

  • Weekly Individual Coaching
  • Advanced Puzzles
  • Game Analysis
  • Weekly Tournaments
  • Tournament Prep

Chess Tournaments

Online | In Person

Students get to use what they are learning in regular online and in-person chess tournaments. 

  • Weekly tournaments played online on Lichess + Chess Squad. 
  • Regular in-person tournaments played at partner schools.
  • Kids get more confidence by playing more competitive chess.
  • Students get prizes, medals, and certificates for participating.  

Chess Community


Players can stay connected, learn, and grow together in our vibrant and safe online community on Mighty Networks.

  • Regular posts by Chess Coaches
  • Fun Puzzles and Videos
  • Q&A with chess coaches
  • Special Chess Events
  • Online Courses & Groups
  • Chat with Chess Friends
  • Exciting Tournaments

Chess Courses & Exams

Online | In Person

Understand strategy and tactics through in-depth online courses, and write chess exams to progress to the next level.

  • Self-paced online learning
  • Expert chess training by experienced coaches
  • Learn concepts more in-depth
  • Test your knowledge through structured exams.
  • Get certified and move to the next level


Elite Chess Offers Incredible Value To It’s Students And Parents

Expert Coaches

Our coaches are passionate and experienced about chess and coaching. They are all highly rated chess players themselves and include Online Fide Masters and Grand Masters. 

Multiple Class Options

There are a variety of class options to choose from. Students can choose the options which work best for their schedules. 

Regular Chess Tournaments

We host weekly tournaments which students can participate in to test their skills and have fun together. 

Collaborative Learning

Students can connect with other students, solve puzzles, join group sessions, make friends, and have fun together. 

Skills Based Puzzles

Solving chess puzzles is a big part of learning chess and gaining critical thinking skills. Students will be given many skills-based puzzles to help them progress their knowledge.

Practice Work

Every student is given homework to focus on each week to help them to practically implement what they have learned in the class.

Regular Feedback

Coaches will provide very specific feedback to students with encouragements and tips on how they can improve and what they can do to take their game to the next level. 

Comprehensive Reports

Every quarter, coaches will provide parents with reports on student progress, and strategic direction for future growth.

Online Community

All Elite Chess Students, Parents, and Teachers get FREE access to our safe and vibrant online chess community on Mighty Networks. 

FULL Academy Membership

Students get complete access to all Elite Chess resources, including online courses, tournaments, online community, videos, and any other resources our coaches produce. 

Academy Registration Form

Details of Parent/Gaurdian

Details of Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Chess Academy

Do I have to know how to play chess to be coached by ELITE?

All you need is the desire to learn and have the willingness to work hard. We will coach a player at any level and help you grow and reach your chess potential in no time.

What guarantee do I have that I will improve?

Your chess skills and rating will improve! Check our testimonies from our students. But, if after 4 lessons you feel that your chess has not improved we will give you back 100% of what you have invested.

Why an elite chess coach?

Most chess coaches focus on results, like wining or losing. But we focus on the root problems causing you not to improve. This  makes my coaching effective and fun. Every chess player wants to stop making the same mistakes. Our coaching focuses  how to best equip you to become a better chess player.

How do I ask questions if I don’t understand the chess lessons?

Ask during the lesson or any time you want. Our coaching style is very interactive and we care more about you understanding the lessons than anything else.

Can you help me with chess tournaments?

We can come to the chess tournament to help you to prepare for the games against your opponents. We can also help you with preparation for the chess tournament; game analysis of opponents and good advice to follow during the tournament.

What hours are you available for coaching, online or in person?

We are available for coaching online, Monday – Friday 8:30am – 6pm. And coaching in person, Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5pm.

How do I know I am safe meeting you for face-to-face coaching?

We have worked for schools, provincial teams and chess clubs. We are professional and take our coaching seriously. If you are under the age of 18 we recommend that a parent or guardian joins you for the first lesson. They are also welcome to contact us any time. You are also welcome to start with an online lesson and then progress to in person lessons at a later point if you wish. If you want to meet us first you can schedule a free 20 min meet up here.

Is my data safe on your website?

Yes. Your data is perfectly and protected by our Privacy Policy.

Who is the Elite Chess Academy for?

The academy s for anyone willing to learn the game of chess as a fun activity, make friends, or to take part in competitive Chess.

What are the levels of classes that are available?

There are 3 levels – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. In the Beginner level, we teach the basics of chess, in the Intermediate level we teach Chess tactics and more…and in the Advanced level, we teach various Chess Strategies for the students to take their game to the next level.

What is the duration of each coaching class?

Each coaching class is 1 hour.

 Is there a curriculum?

Yes, we do follow the curriculum for each of the levels. Please click on the “view Curriculum” buttons below each level above to see more.

How do I schedule a makeup lesson?

Our online group classes have multiple options to pick from. If you miss one class, you can come to any of the classes that are happening on other days. Individual coaching students can book a make-up session with their coach. 


Can I pick my coach?

We assign a coach to you. If you like the coach you can continue with them. If not, we will assign a different coach to you.

What are the prices of each level of classes?

You can contact us to view our rates. Alternatively, after you register you will see all the options and rates. 

What is the minimum age to be a student?

5 years or older.

How do I know which class should I opt for?

If you do not know chess, you will be at the Beginner level. If you already know chess, then we will assess where you stand and let you know which class you should opt for.

How many classes do you have per month?

At all levels, we will have 4 hours of coaching classes per month and upto 16 hours of optional practice sessions every month.

How soon can I join?

Once you’ve registered, we will let you know of your class start date. Usually happens within the first 10 days of registration or as part of a new batch, whichever is earlier.

Do you give homework?

Yes, this will depend on the level where you join. Beginners tend to have less homework and those in Intermediate & Advanced levels will have more complex homework/ puzzles to solve.

What if I miss a class?

If you miss a class, we will have options for you to do make up lessons.

Who are your coaches?

Our coaches come with years of experience in Coaching. Some of our coaches have played at the national levels too. We also have a Grand Master coach on board who will teach Advanced lessons, online.

What are practice classes?

Practice Classes have been designed to provide a free atmosphere for students to play against each other, discuss and/or collaboratively solve puzzles.


FREE Online Community

Why a Free online chess community?

Our goal is to make chess fun, safe, and accessible to all. An online community helps us reach many more people with the wonderful game of chess. 

What happens in the online community?

Through our online community we host regular tournaments, special workshops, unique live broadcasts, chess clinics, chess camps, and even chess exams.

Why join the online community?

By joining the community you can stay up to date with what is going in the academy and in the world of chess.

You can also join your local group, bookmark upcoming events, and connect with fellow students, parents, coaches, and teachers.

How safe is the online community? 

To ensure the safety of all members, the community is hightly regulated and all members are strictly vetted before being permitted to join.

Only registered academy members, parents of academy students, teachers from partner schools, and our coaches have access to the community.

Chess Club

Who can join chess club?

Students who attend a partner school can join the weekly sessions hosted by one of our expert chess coaches.

What about students who do not live close to or attend a partner school?

Students who do not live close to a partner school are welcome to join our online chess school for weekly group sessions with other online chess academy members.

What are the benefits of chess club?

Students will be able to learn together, ask the coach questions, play games against one another, and get real-time coaching and tips from the coach. Students also get awarded for their progress to encourage them to stay engaged and growing.

Individual Chess Coaching

How often do students meet with coaches?

Students meet with their coach every week for 1 hour (at home or via Zoom).

What happens during the coaching sessions?

Students will receive a short lesson based on their growth plan, complete puzzles, and play training games with the coach.

Throughout the session, the coach will provide students with focused individual support and training based on their level and progress.

What else do coaches assist students with?

Coaches will also help students prepare for upcoming tournaments and work on specific areas of weakness based on the analysis of their recent chess games.

How do I know my child is actually improving?

Parents receive a quarterly report of the student’s progress and can meet with the coach online to discuss work for the next term.

Online Chess School

How do students access the online school?

Students use a home computer, smartphone or tablet to progress through our online curriculum by doing puzzles, learning tactics, watching videos, and playing online games on Lichess (a free online chess app).

How are students’ progress tracked?

A student’s progress is analysed via Lichess (for starter and regular students), and using cutting-edge AI technology through our partner app “Aim Chess” (for premium students). 

How do the coaches assist students?

Our expert coaches monitor each student’s progress and then touch base with students via the community’s chat messenger to encourage them, and give them feedback and direction.

How does the coaching work?

Students join the weekly live sessions with their coach, attend online workshops, and play in weekly tournaments.

Students can reach out to their coach anytime via the community chat function to get assistance.

Parents can track their child’s progress through the Lichess or Aim Chess apps and can get in touch with the coach anytime via the community platform or email.


Chat with May

Chat with May anytime via the chat bubble.